Our story

Endre started out as discussions on how to increase the impact of research and knowledge developed within academia. After a a lot of lunches, evenings and more failed ideas than we could count, we finally set out to use our background to tackle grid planning and grid investments. Using our background from electricity power engineering and energy system studies, and a large portion of naivety, we jumped straight in. With a blank canvas we set out to work in a completely different way from the status-quo in how data and insights on electricity consumption and production is produced.
The coming decade will see a large change in how we use electricity, both on small and large scale. This change in demand will create new patterns of demand, new hotspots and provide new opportunities for grid operators and energy actors alike. At Endre we create high value insights of the future that will reduce risk and uncertainty in grid planning for grid operators, or provide valuable asset insights to actors working within the energy transition.  With lower uncertainty of the future, the risk of reaching capacity limits in the grid is reduced which has significant societal and economic benefits. 


Our teaming is rapidly growing, if you are interested in a career in a fast paced software and AI company within the energy transition send us a message at info[at]endre.tech!

Elias Hartvigsson

Co-founder and CEO at Endre. Elias Hartvigsson has a PhD in Electric Power Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology from 2018. From 2018 to 2022 he worked as a postdoc and researcher within large-scale grid assessments and GIS analytics at Chalmers. Elias has previously been a visiting scholar at the Berkeley Lab in California working on mini grid viability in rural electrification.

David Steen

Co-founder and CTO at Endre. David Steen has a PhD in Electric Power Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology from 2014. From 2014 to 2024 he has had multiple positions at Chalmers and is currently a specialist within flexibility markets and Vehicle-to-Grid. David has previously been a visiting scholar at the Berkeley Lab in California.

Johan Lamm

Johan was the first employee at endre, and has a M.Sc in data science and AI, and a B.Sc in mechatronics engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. He works as a data scientist and is a former semi-elite track and field funner.

Sebastian Löf

Sebastian works as a software developer at endre, and has a M.Sc in Complex adaptive systems and a B.Sc in Applied physics from Chalmers University of Technology. Sebastian is an avid machine learning enthusiast and you can usually find him working on some personal projects on his free time.

Håkan Axelsson

Håkan Axelsson is a business coach at Chalmers Ventures and works with endre to grow the business. Håkan has previously worked in and funded many startups during his long career. Apart from working with startups, Håkan is an avid musician.