Providing insights on long-term electricity demand in your neighbourhood.

Based on research at Chalmers University of Technology, Endre have developed a novel approach to forecasting and providing knowledge insights on electric vehicle charging, charging locations, logistic charging hubs and public transport. In addition to our transport focused forecast and analytics platform, we are planning to expand to additional electricity demand, and production technologies. 

Our platforms reduce risk in grid planning for grid operators and reduce the risk of grid capacity limitations, with significant societal and economic impacts. We are developing our prototype forecast and analytics platform together with selected partners during 2022 and 2023. If you are interested in our solutions today, say hi!

Long and short-term forecasts

Using Endres state of the art forecasting solutions we provide forecast on hourly levels for up to 15 years ahead depending on the technology. The forecasts are local and include statistical measures to quantity uncertainties. They don't require you as a customer to transfer or give up access to any data, thereby reducing data security issues.  The geographic  extent of forecasts are similar to that of low-voltage grids. Forecasts are currently focused on transportation, but Endre is working on expanding its forecasting solution. 
If you are interested in electric vehicle charging forecast for your area contact us at info[at]

Analytics platform

Interested in more that just a forecasted number or uncertainty? Endre's analytics platform allows users to see the impact of specific choices. It includes the ability to test and try out scenarios. Test what happens with electric vehicle charging in your neighbouring DSO implement new policies, or if companies impose work from home policies, or a new tourist attraction opens up. If you are interested in electric vehicle charging analytics for your area contact us at info[at]

Tariff and economic analysis platform

A large challenge for grid operators is what their future business models will look like. Using Endre's technology we can test out the impact of different tariff choices, both their economic viability and their technical impact. Endre's tariff analysis platform is under development during 2022 and 2023.