Data driven insights for energy actors.
Lacking information for your energy transition decisions?
Look no further! We provide you with data driven insights for planning, decision making and research projects. Our platforms reduce risk in grid and energy planning
for energy actors to accelerate the energy transition, with significant societal and economic impacts.

Our mission.

To accelerate the energy transition through access to data driven insights.

Humanity must intensify its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We need faster adoption of solar and wind energy, electric vehicles, and even more banana pancakes. To attract new investments, grid operators, renewable energy suppliers, and governments need access to crucial information. Employing cutting-edge big data and artificial intelligence technologies, we generate data-driven insights concerning your customers' electricity demand and behavior. Choose insights from two years ago, tomorrow, or even the next decade to make informed decisions and pave the way for a more sustainable future. 

Our technology.

Digital twin

Using endres state of the art AI and bigdata technologies we provide analytics we create custom based insights of your customers and their resources. Wonder what the need for flexibility are in in your area? Or where flexibility potential is the most? We identify, classify and provide insights on production, consumption and flexibility resources in your area. We help you identify locations that are best suited for solar PV, or public electric vehicle chargers or where energy efficiency savings are largest. All of this is powered by a extremely sophisticated AI twin of all physical and human assets in your area. If our general AI twin is not sufficient for your needs, we can build custom AI twins for your specific area based on your own datasets.


Grid operators

Make automated long-term forecasts for new demand, and production, and export automated regulatory reports. Or use our pre-processed datasets and AI tools to easily make your own scenarios and safely share results within or outside your organisation.

Consultant and academics

To make the best possible research, or state-of-the-art projects, you need access to high quality data. Using endres artificial intelligence virtual meter we synthetically generate extremely accurate load or consumption data at any spatial resolution to support your analysis.

Municipalities and cities

Municipalities and cities are at the forefront of our energy transition. We support energy planners with data driven insights about charging locations for electric vehicles, public charging demand and heating. Either as datasets, or integrated in our platform.