Our software

Based on research at Chalmers University of Technology, endre developed state-of-the-art methods within data science, AI and energy systems to extract and produce insights about electricity usage with an unprecedented accuracy. These methods are the core in our data science software. The software combines cutting-edge algorithms to optimize grid layouts, streamline data processes, and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders. From predicting future demands to enhancing grid resilience, our software revolutionizes the way you plan, manage, and engage in the evolving energy landscape. Embrace efficiency, precision, and collaboration with endre.

Our offerings

Flexibility assessment

Meet our game-changing FlexIdentifier – the key to adaptive and efficient operations. This cutting-edge solution uses artificial intelligence to identify and anticipate future flexibility needs. Whether it's optimizing workflows or responding to dynamic demands, our FlexIdentifier ensures your business stays agile and ahead of the curve. 

Digital customer twin

Our innovative software creates a AI replica of all producing and consuming assets, including consumer behaviour, offering unparalleled insights into energy consumption patterns. With precise simulations and analytics, Grid Operators can optimize resource allocation, enhance grid reliability, and proactively address evolving energy needs.

Long-term planning forecasts

Introducing our advanced GridForecast software. Powered by sophisticated algorithms, it produces accurate long-term forecasts for grid operators. Anticipate demand fluctuations, plan resource allocation, and stay ahead of market trends with precision. Elevate your grid management with confidence, ensuring a resilient and future-ready energy infrastructure. 

Public charging assessment

Introducing our AI-powered solution to effortlessly identify electric vehicle charging locations, regardless is this is from personal vehicles, busses or trucks. Easily locate public charging stations with information on estimated demand, and availability forecasts.   Make sure your charging counts.

Renewable energy potential

Discover renewable energy potential like never before! Our product blends AI, satellite imagery and estimated grid loading for pinpoint accuracy in identifying solar and wind resources. With advanced algorithms, unlock actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions for a greener future. 

Virtual meter

Introducing our revolutionary Virtual Electricity Meter, where AI and bigdata meets energy efficiency. Our smart solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and bigdata to provide precise historical, real-time or future, electricity consumption insights of single hours. With predictive analytics, it identifies potential energy-saving opportunities, and helps you optimize your electricity consumption like never before.